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For abundant housing and livable communities.

Greater Brisbane is an all-volunteer grassroots urbanism collective trying to build a better city for everyone. We want a Brisbane where everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to live a good life wherever they want.

We believe housing abundance — building more homes where people want to live — is the key to solving the housing crisis and building the kind of cities people love.

We were started by young people who felt locked out of conversations about their city. We represent thousands of people across Brisbane who want to see their city grow and mature, who want secure and affordable homes near their friends, families and communities and who want to see real action on housing.

We advocate for better land use, transport and streetscapes to make our city more connected, more sustainable and more accessible. We know that building that city means sacrifices, compromises and trade-offs — but for too long those compromises have been made in favour of millionaire homeowners and real estate agents who are fundamentally opposed to a growing, changing city.

As long as people want to live in our city, we need to make sure we have enough modern, affordable homes for all of them. To do this we need to build abundant housing of all types and tenures where people want to live — public, private and commons, townhouses to skyscrapers.



BCC's draft Nathan, Salisbury and Moorooka Neighbourhood Plan — a missed opportunity to boost housing supply



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